M+M Grooming Oil
M+M Grooming Oil
M+M Grooming Oil
M+M Grooming Oil

M+M Grooming Oil

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From Miners + Monroe: We created two oil blends that provide different benefits.

While each oil has a base blend that closely resembles the natural oils of our skin, our oil blend

No. 1 has a focus on helping to reduce beardruff by moisturizing the skin under the beard

while our oil blend

No. 2 includes oils that help promote growth by strengthening the hair.


Scent Profile:

Lone Oak-A classic woodsy scent of Amber, Sandalwood, Black Pepper & Texas Cedarwood

Coal Valley: A clean blend of Lemon, Cypress and Tea Tree

Ozark Divide: A refreshing blend of Mint, Orange and Bergamot

Foxtown: A truly unique blend of Sweet Basil, Eucalyptus and Mint


*1 oz. *Each bottle is equipped with a Eurodrop cap that is slow, clean and precise and ensures no wasting of product *Made in Pittsburg, KS *Ingredients are all-natural or 100% certified organic