Laylow (Chamomile)
Laylow (Chamomile)

Laylow (Chamomile)

Product Details: 

You might as well skip yoga today and sip on this wonderfully silky, calming, herbal goodness. 


Light-bodied, soothing and grounding with a hint of apple and mellow honey-like sweetness.


You have been doing the most and deserve to chill.


Still having trouble relaxing and may need something a bit stronger? 

Mix in some whiskey, lemon and honey for a truly delicious Hot Toddy. 

You'll be dozing off in no time.



step 1: heat water to 175°F

step 2: add 2 tsp of tea per 8oz cup to be brewed

step 3: pour hot water over the tea and let steep for 3 min

step 4: filter and serve


bag serving: approx. 20 cups


  • certified organic
  • gluten free
  • non gmo


origin: Egyptian chamomile from the Nile River Valley.

Most commercially produced chamomile comes from this region. Field grown and sun-dried.