Vixen (Organic Hojica/Moca Powder)
Vixen (Organic Hojica/Moca Powder)

Vixen (Organic Hojica/Moca Powder)

Product Details: 

Things might get a little hot and heavy and it’s not because of the steamed full fat oat milk you are whisking to create a tasty Maple Hojicha Latte.

The Maca root included in our signature recipe has a badbitch reputation and is known to rev up your sex drive.

Sorry not sorry?


This drink is truly satisfying… like a cappuccino or a hot chocolate or…


Low in caffeine, hojicha is the perfect alternative to coffee if you are seeking a warm, toasty drink with a delicious nutty, chocolaty flavor in the evening.


You won’t compromise your valued beauty sleep. 

Well, then again you might…. it’s none of their business!



  • hot: whisk 1 tsp of powder in 10oz of hot milk or water.
  • iced: whisk 1 tsp of powder in 8oz of milk or water and pour over ice.


bag serving: Approx. 40 cups


  • certified organic
  • gluten free
  • non gmo

origin: enter our Peruvian friend, Marco who brought Maca from a very cool co op of organic farmers in the Peruvian Andes; we blended it with micro-milled organic hojicha that hails from from the foothills of Mount Kirishima, Japan. Since the late 1990s, local farms have partnered with Japanese tea producers to grow delicious, certified organic tea. The availability of fertil land, ideal climate and experienced tea pickers are an ideal combination to create delicious tea. Family Hayashi ́s tea garden is located in the very south of Japan, on Kyushu, next to the Kirishima- volcano-group. Our friends in Kirishima are 5th generation farmers. In the 1980’s the Kirishima growers were pioneers, they were the first farm in the region to go organic, and have remained so since